In today’s world with the number of cars on the roads increasing by the day road safety and traffic awareness is of utmost importance and each and every individual must be safe and must abide by the laws and who better to teach it to our students of grade three and four than Mr. Jayanth Garudachar from the Bangalore traffic warden organization. 

It is a sub-unit under the Bangalore traffic police department. We had sir begin with why it is important for people to change their attitude on the roads. As he mentioned people tend to be very careless on the roads and these can lead to accidents. Sir gave us a report stating there have been over forty-thousand accidents over the last year and out of these eight thousand five hundred accidents have proved to be fatal. Then sir spoke to us about the zebra crossing and asked the students whether they were aware of what a zebra crossing was and its purpose on the roads. The students were sharp and had answers to most of his questions and sir was delighted to see the knowledge the children possessed at such a young age. We had sir speak to the children about the traffic signal as well and he explained to them what each light indicated and he was happy to know the children followed the traffic lights even if they were on their cycles. Sir also taught the children the curb drill which would help them for the rest of their lives as two simple turns of the head to both sides of the roads could help them be safe. 

A median is used to create a division between the road it is not meant to be jumped over as it could prove to be very harmful. Many adults do not follow this rule and children learn from the adults hence I urge all the adults as well to follow this particular rule. Sir urged all the children to stop their parents if they ever used their phones while driving; he also urged them to tell their parents to be mindful of an ambulance on a road and let it pass and not block its route.

Overall, the session was a great success and the children had multiple questions to ask and get clarified pertaining to road safety. We thank sir for taking time out of his busy schedule and help guide all these young children along the right path and aid them to be responsible citizens in the future. 

Stay safe and have a great day ahead. 


Param Panda (Vice editorial head)

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