Reminiscing about life as a younger student and seeing myself achieving my goals in life are the two of my favourite topics in my day-dreaming sessions. Yes, they are on the two extreme ends of the timeline of my life, but I believe the memories are the only thing that can warp space-time. You can travel to and fro between imaginative worlds, dwell deep into fictitious thoughts and make it your own. So, today I will show you my marvellous time capsule with pleasant memories of my school life inside. Take a seat and fasten your seatbelts.

It is the year 2012, a boy walks through large, unknown corridors with seemingly menace kids looking at him. He feels insecure and unaware of what is going to become of him. That boy is me. This is the earliest memory of my school. Fast-forwarding 8 years, the same boy, now grown, gleams over an audience giving a speech about his time at the school at his Valedictorian Ceremony. 

Being a student is a special time in life. There is a curiosity to learn something new and different, innocence of mind and the constant pursuit of having fun with friends. As we grow we find ourselves to be less innocent and more self-aware. Nevertheless, the fun factor is always over the ceiling! My life as a student was an ambitious one. I was academically sound and I carried the expectations and trust of people around me from a very young age. While most would say that it is a burden, I say it’s the ‘fuel to the engine’. The encouragement and positive words I got from my friends and teachers along with the unfaltering support of my parents exposed me to different unknown environments and helped me grow as a better person. I was famously the ‘class-prankster/clown’ and brightened up the decorum of the class. I pride myself on the fact that I never fail to make people laugh.

The spirit of competition and taking on challenges put me in the forefront in 

debates, discussions and sports. My student life also bore several responsibilities as a member of the Student Council as well as being a role model for my younger schoolmates. It would be an impossible task for me if you asked me to describe my school life in one sentence. The reason I am myself today, is because of different elements and experiences that I have encountered. 

That was the glimpse of my time capsule. I hope you enjoyed the ride. Back to present, I am glad to say that nothing much has changed. I once again found myself in an unknown environment last year, but I overcame the barrier and became one among the crowd soon. I still carry many responsibilities and expectations along with my own. I still give people pain in the stomach by making them laugh. But as Charles F Kettering says “You can’t have a better tomorrow if you’re still thinking about yesterday”, I am once again the 2012 Pranav with exhilaration and anticipation on what the future has in store for me.

Blog by: Pranav Sudhir Kashyap

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