‘Respect’ is one of the central pillars in virtues that are to be followed to make us better humans. The morning of 7th July 2021 started with a virtual assembly by class 12 ‘B’ on the theme of respect. The program started with gratitude to the Almighty with a prayer. Followed by this, was the teacher’s talk. The class teacher Mahima ma’am had a rather different trick up her sleeve. Instead of an insightful speech on respect, she made an activity for the audience and narrated an excerpt of her personal experience on respect as a young child. Ron Alexis, a student of the class, gave the student talk and emphasized the notion that we need to treat others the way we want to be treated. Respect is hard to earn and easy to lose. Maintaining a consistent positive opinion about yourself from people around you is a herculean effort, but it is rewarding nonetheless.

‘Respect first needs to be given and then expected’. The magnum opus of today’s assembly, the skit followed those lines. The setting was derived from ‘Murder on the Orient Express, a famous novel by the famed author Agatha Christie. However, unlike the original, the skit was delightfully humorous. We see that the protagonist, Hercule Poirot far deviated from the original character both in his intelligence and ethnicity. Overall, the message that the skit carried i.e the importance of respect in life was conveyed effortlessly.

The assembly was well received both by the audience and the teachers. The principal, CCA, and Academic coordinators all gave positive reviews.

Report by: Pranav S Kashyap (Editorial Head)

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