For children, stories have always been a fascinating part of growing up- from grandma tales to bedtime stories with parents, from excitement to relaxation- stories serve different purposes. Stories stimulate the imagination and transport children into another world.

Stories are an essential tool, not only for enjoyment and developing skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, but also to increase understanding of the world, challenging mindsets, fuelling imagination and curiosity, and helping listeners to be able to view a situation from different perspectives.

For today’s Expert session we had Ms. Aparna as our speaker. Kids were excited to see their teacher who taught them while they were little ones. Ms. Aparna narrated a beautiful story “The things that matter”. The story was beautifully told which was woven around it to ensure the development of different domains like language, cognitive, personal, social, and emotional.

Children were engaged as per their age, needs, interests, and skills level. The children enjoyed the story and listened with awe wondering what would happen next. Ms. Aparna made sure that her tone of voice matched the different parts of the story such as high tone to emphasize some important lines. Her confidence and the right tone of voice helped her build a good relationship with the children. The children were comfortable with the storyteller and they responded well to the questions posted by the storyteller. Besides, the effective questioning method of the storyteller also helped to initiate responses from the children. The story was simple and well organized.


By: Ms. Joy Grace – Teacher

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