It is rightly said, that today’s readers become tomorrow’s leaders. Reading is an essential basic skill-building activity. One’s language fluency is determined by the quality of reading. Besides, vocabulary enrichment, ideas collection, familiarization with different types of writing formats, speaking fluency, etc, all depend upon reading. However, in modern times, this activity is being ignored. Book stores are disappearing, and modern distractions are taking the forefront. 

As an initiative to encourage students to read more, a Reading Week is conducted in our school every year. 

On Monday, the inauguration of the Scholastic Bookfair took place. Mrs. Maria, our senior academic coordinator cut the ribbon, and the fair was declared open. Junior students were particularly excited to see Clifford the Big Red Dog, the Scholastic mascot! 

The book fair houses hundreds of books for each age group, and multiple genres are available to choose from. Each class came down section-wise on Monday to see the fair. In the zero period, grades 1-5 participated in Round 1 of Spell Bee. A spelling bee is a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty. To compete, contestants must memorize the spellings of words as written in dictionaries, and recite them accordingly. This marked the conclusion of Day 1 of the Reading Week.

On Day 2, grade 1-5 participated in Round 2 of the Spell Bee. Grade 6-8 participated in a reading contest called Drop, Stop and Read. Drop, Stop and Read! is a recurring school initiative where students are encouraged to stop and drop everything that were doing, pick up a book and begin reading. Spell bee Prelims were conducted for these students too. 

On Day 3, the final round of Spell bee took place in the auditorium. Students had to complete against fellow finalists in 3 rounds- 

  • Round 1: Oral spelling round 
  • Round 2: Students had to look at an image, identify it, and spell it out. 
  • Round-3: Pick the correct word; students had to fill in the blanks and choose the appropriate word from similar options.

After putting their literary knowledge to the test, the following students emerged winners of the contest- 

1st place- Druthi Yuvaraj, 7D

2nd place- Vamsi Krishnan Rajagopal, 6C

3rd place- Riya Singh, 8C

These students have gifted a book each, by our Head of School. We congratulate our winners and hope that these activities inculcate the crucial habit of reading in our students. 

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