27th January 2020, students of Grade 1, CMR-National Public School went for a field trip to Lalbagh, Bangalore to see the ‘Flower Show’ with great pleasure and enthusiasm. It is a sight to watch the flower show. The colorful flower arrangements and intricate models on display were very attractive. The students were overwhelmed to see the flower show and enquired about Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial that was displayed for the show. They got to see different varieties of flowers imported from different countries.

  Students took a walk-in Lalbagh and were encouraged to observe various flowers and trees that were grown there. They went near the lake and enjoyed the waterfall and spent some time watching ducks and vultures. Students had a group photograph.

Students were asked to observe any two things which caught their eyes and illustrate the same in the class. Overall it was a pleasant trip. 

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