This Saturday marked another important date in our calendar of events. The primary and middle school put up a wonderful Learning Showcase which was attended by many proud parents. 

Learning showcases in CMR display the enormous talents our students have in the form of stage performances and classroom presentations. Apart from classroom learning and interaction, we place a lot of emphasis on experiential learning that extends beyond textbook knowledge. The clubs and after-school activities play a huge role in helping us accomplish this aim. 

Having club activities in a school is vital to holistic development because it helps students develop social, creative, leadership and technical skills that will be beneficial to them in every phase of their life. CMR offers students numerous clubs to achieve the same; with clubs ranging from photography to architecture to numismatics, every student can join a club suited to their interest. 

Apart from the clubs, we also offer a variety of after-school activities which help students hone their artistic skills under the careful guidance of professionals. These activities increase their self-confidence, give them a sense of responsibility and equip them with various skill sets. 

The events of the day began with entertaining and refreshing performances by students of performing arts clubs. Whether it was a drama, musical show or display of martial arts, our talented stars mesmerized their audience with every performance. 

Next in line, participants of after school activities showcased their talents. Parents were taken aback by the stunts shown by our skaters. Everyone was amazed when our drone makers brought out the drones! Our football and basketball champs too battled it out on the field. 

The classrooms of grades 1 to 8 were creatively decorated for the Showcase. Parents witnessed the academic progress of each class with the help of the charts and diagrams made by the students. 

This showcase was the culmination of weeks of learning and teaching that took place in the classrooms, the field and the stage. We are extremely proud of our gifted students for the marvelous show that they put up. We also extend our gratitude to the senior management, teachers, coaches, and parents- who have never failed to embrace a single endeavor of the school. This event would not be possible without your continuous support and affirmations. 

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