Quizzing is a great field. Quizzing doesn’t mean getting an encyclopedia into your head or memorizing the newspaper. Quizzing is an art. The art of quizzing is not easy to master. It is one of the most competitive fields of art after maybe music or dance. It takes hard work, resilience, and perseverance to master this art form. Every art form has some kind of test or competition. In the case of Quizzing, it is just called a quiz.

We, the students of CMR NPS enjoyed participating in the REACH OUT Quiz Competition. It was a great and different experience for us. We loved the fact that the first round was in School itself. This quiz was unique as it had 2 rounds on different dates so we had proper preparation time, unlike other quizzes where the prelims and the finals are held on the same day.

The first round in school was a written round. The questions looked easy at first glance but there were a lot of hard questions hidden in them. After we finished the first round we were so excited to compare or answers with that of our friends. The best part of the first round that forced us to prepare hard was negative marking even if a question is left unanswered. When we got our results we were overjoyed. Especially when we got to know that only the top 16 out of 2500 students were selected for the final round and we were one of them.

The final round was on the 25th August 2019 at Indo Asian PU College at Kalyan Nagar. We were very nervous and scared as it was the first time for all of us in the team (Surya, Tanmay, Vighnajeet, and Ratish) to qualify for the final round of any quiz. We had three teams in the race for the prestigious prize and the atmosphere was intense and exciting. The first round went very well and there was a stiff competition between us and the students of Vidya Shilp academy. The second round was a buzzer round where fortunes totally changed. The quiz went on to such a state of tension that we had to press the buzzer as soon as the question appeared onto the screen. The last round-rapid fire round was the hardest part of the whole competition.

Our lead in the first two rounds somehow kept the other teams from reaching our score. Winning this quiz was a beautiful experience. The feeling of victory is hard to explain. The REACH OUT quiz was one of the best ever quizzing experience we ever felt.

In the end, we would like to wish that someday the society will see the winning of a gold medal in a sport, gaining the first rank in an exam and winning a quiz contest equally.

By: Surya, Tanmay, Vighnajeet and Ratish, Grade 10

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