K.S Neha Reddy represents India at Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC)

This year K.S NEHA REDDY was selected to participate in the Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC) from July 1st to 10th in Washington, DC and New York City to represent INDIA. GYLC is a unique leadership potential and scholastic merit. Neha was among 350 outstanding scholars from across the globe to attend the conference.

The theme of GYLC was “The Leaders of Tomorrow Preparing for the Global Challenges and Responsibilities of the Future.” Neha interacted with key leaders and newsmakers with powerful influence over politics, finance, culture, and diplomacy, and took part in a carefully designed curriculum, which includes thought-provoking simulations that built leadership skills.

Neha won the second last round and represented India in the GLOBAL SUMMIT SIMULATION at The United Nations HQ. She also won the last round of Global Summit at the United Nations, making India proud. She believes that it was a great honor for her to represent India and to be able to interact with several global leaders and gain their insights on the key issues of the world. These included the head of World Bank, Ambassador of State Department, Korean Ambassador and Ambassador of the United Nations and many other renowned individuals whose jobs play a crucial role in world peace.

The highlight of her journey was her opportunity to represent and speak on behalf of INDIA in the UN World Headquarters and to make us proud by Winning.

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