THE week is over, and the delegates are home! This past week, the students of CMR National Public School attended CoMUN 2019 held in Bishop Cottons Boys’ school on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of August, and needless to say, they did a great job! The envoys represented diverse committees including the disarmament committee, the general assembly of 1971, the special political and decolonization committee and a union of the supreme soviet leaders, among others. The session held in the school saw multiple crises as the delegates showed off their wonderful problem-solving skills. From a soviet leader being found dead near the banks of river Volga to the pacemaker of Xi Jin Ping failing due to a hacktivist organization, the delegates solved these problems with accuracy and consideration.

The school represented two main countries, Australia and Morocco during the course of the three days. Days leading up to the conference, the school permitted the envoys to bring their gadgets and use the time in school to help them prepare. The delegates then proceeded to conduct thorough research on their countries and respective agendas; foreign policies, allies, trade contracts, etc.

Alas! The day had come. Students assembled quickly to reach the school on time. They dressed in sharp outfits, where the young men looked dashing, and the ladies, beautiful. The conference started off with an opening ceremony where the chief guest, principle and the secretary-general, Aditya Mohan, spoke a few words of wisdom. “You, delegates, are not ordinary. Sitting in front of me in this auditorium today, are a group of young revolutionaries”, said Secretary-general, and boy, was he right! After the ceremony came to an end, all the delegates of various committees dispersed to their venues to take on their debates. The first day saw the birth of different blocks headed by various global superpowers and also saw the detailed deliberations taking place on the agendas at hand. The students of CMR were extremely active participants and thoroughly enjoyed every second of the experience.

The second and third day was filled with press conferences and crises taking place in the various committees. Delegates came up with viable solutions to crises and situations which were purely a figment of the imagination. Press conference tested the knowledge of a representative and his or her capability to stand by any statements made by a prominent member of their country. Committee progressed quick and effectively, leaving everyone astounded by their own potentials. The bus rides back to school were filled with funny stories of the happening of committees and the delegates’ speeches!

The third day of the conference saw the passing of resolutions: the most important day of the event, where problems find their solutions. Each and every committee voted on a resolution they believed would be beneficial for the entire global community. The conference finale had a closing ceremony, in which every committee presented the delegates with awards like Best Delegate, Commendable Delegate, and Honorable Delegate. Although none of the CMRite students won, they had a wonderful learning experience and thoroughly enjoyed themselves over the course of the three days. We strongly encourage more and more participants to engage in Model United Nation events and taste the life of decision making on a global level.  


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