A farm visit to help children explore the ways in which food is grown, to know how animals are raised is an ideal way and appreciate nature. The Preprimary students of CMRNPS were taken to the Enchanting Acres, a beautiful farm on the outskirts of Bangalore. The farm houses a variety of farm animals and birds and grows a variety of vegetables and fruits as well. Its huge landscaped gardens are a heavenly delight.  

In an enjoyable tractor ride, students got into the village, where they saw the fields with crops and cows grazing. Children were amazed to watch beetroots, spinach, ginger, and many other veggies being pulled out from the soil.  They got to plant their own beans and take it back with them. Just as we say ‘Charity begins at home’ similarly ‘ Gardening begins at home’ too.

Watching our children feed the farm animals was heartwarming as they were calling out for the animals, choosing which animal they want to feed, waiting for the huge ones to come their way and enjoying every moment of feeding them. Pony rides, Diya making and spray painting activities filled the rest of this eventful day. 

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