Topic: Seasons

A wonderful start of the day by the students of Sec A, C & E who conducted the virtual assembly on “Seasons”. 

The assembly was hosted by Divij Maskikar (Mont Junior) The prayer was done by Navya (Mont Sub Junior). Calendar facts and weather reports were delivered by Tarak Raju (Mont Senior) The Thought for the day was shared by Atharvaa (Mont Junior).

Hanna (Mont Senior) used the globe and charts. She explained the rotation/revolution that makes seasons happen. It was lovely to see the tiny tots Sub Juniors dance and rock the floor for a Seasons song. 

Students depicted the importance of winter, rainy and summer season by showing fruits available, clothes are worn to keep oneself safe, Uniqueness of each season and they also sang a rhyme which caught the eyes of the spectators. The children had beautifully set up their place with charts, drawings, real-life objects to give the feeling of the season.

It was indeed a treat to the eyes to watch the show. We enjoy each season with its fruits, festivals, and weather.

By, Ms. Aparna – PPM teacher 

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