Today’s virtual assembly by 5D was very thought-provoking. They shared an interesting story, inspiring quotes, and a cool rap that made our feet tap! All this made me think about an experience of my own.

One beautiful sunny day, my team and I were competing in the finals of an inter-club football tournament. At first, my strategy was to kick the ball towards the goal. A little later, I realized I have to be smart about this. So instead of sticking to the strategy of kicking the ball to the goal, I started passing the ball to players who were closer to the goal. Now I realize that a combination of smart and hard work helped us to win the match.

One example of how we can work smart and hard in school is when we do our homework. We should work hard by being prompt and neat in our homework but also work smart by planning, thinking, and asking questions before we do the same.

Let’s keep the spirit of hard and smart work alive.

In today’s assembly, 5D presented a nice presentation about hard work and smart work.

They taught us hard and smart work leads to success. 

They also showed a video which was very interesting and edited nicely. They taught us a very important lesson that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

We should all work hard and smart because hard work will take you to the top but talent will only bring you to the door.

Lots of appreciation to the students of 5D and Nagashree Ma’am who all displayed the topic “Hard work and Smart work”.

Luke- 5A

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