The morning of 7th June started with a pleasant event of well-being hosted by our school counselor Ms. Anika Joseph for the 9th and 10th-grade students.

The session revolved around the concept of handling emotions and our mental health during these unprecedented times. It commenced with a heartfelt conversation with the counselor and our fellow peers regarding our current feelings and was then followed by a presentation explained by the counselor that helped us, students, to understand, reflect and analyze our thoughts and emotions by being introspective individuals. She discussed and gave us tips on how to omit dominating feelings such as hopelessness, procrastination which leads to anxiety and burden, and restlessness in our daily lives.

We were all amazed by the way she identified the problems we students are presently facing like lack of productivity, excessive pressure, unnecessary overthinking, hopelessness, loneliness, and so on, and also provided us with helpful and valuable solutions such as being confident, patient, and close to our loved ones at all times. The relatability of the session connected all of us students with it till the end.

We were pleasured by this session with a clear understanding of where we personally stand in this continuous race of feelings during these situations and how we can tackle any obstacle that comes our way by just being happy and surrounding ourselves with our loved ones who uplift and encourage us.

We all get lost in the search of happiness and desperation to be the best even in the smallest things that only lead to hopelessness and anxiety, but as humans, we need to learn to accept life and be better versions of ourselves every day.

The session concluded with a small feedback session and we all bid adieu with the hope of having more such inquisitive experiences in the future.

By, Nandhini Thangaraj, Grade 9, CMRNPS

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