Recently I came across this quote “Things are always either black or white. The grey in between is only a confusion.”

By Ljupka Cvetanova and it made me ponder and dwell deeply over it. Is it true that things are always black or white?

My mind was spinning from the symmetry of this phrase and I decided to explore more. To my surprise, I found this phrase very true to the various aspects of life, be it a simple decision of whether you like something or not or to a more complex decision, if you want to do it or not.

Here, I would like to emphasize that my motive is not to decide which is better but to just view each situation differently with a different perspective. After all, we need to remember that coexistence and balancing are core values of life. 

To start the everyday online classes were the first to cross my mind. While students enjoy the classes at the comfort of their homes, the temptations that draw them away from what is right cannot be ignored.

While technology, and apps like padlets, menti, and even google docs can make classes fun and interesting, our kids have grown so dependent on them that they seem to lose their skills of independent thinking on how to keep themselves engaged.

House rules reiterated in every class have taught our children how to wait for their turn and respect each other’s point of view but they seemed to have forgotten how and what to converse with friends. 

Students are discovering their hidden talents while they are missing out on the innocent fun of running around the playground, sharing food during lunchtime, a trip to the washroom with friends, passing chits during classes, and meeting friends without a mask or the fear of catching the virus.

I would like to end with my ‘take’ from this. Life is like a coin and pleasure and pain are the two sides. Only 1 side is visible at a time, but the other side is waiting for its turn. Can’t agree more.

By, Ms. Suma Mohan, Primary – Academic Coordinator

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