On 2nd July, Mr. Rvj Bharath shared his experiences as a filmmaker with the senior school of CMR NPS. He has been working to revive a few folk dances of India- art forms that are in grave danger of going extinct. He presented a breathtaking film, shot over two years, and said a few words about the arduous journey he underwent to create this film. Then it hit us- the amount of effort, perseverance, and dedication required in the field of filmmaking is perhaps unimaginable. We imagined Mr. Bharath as a soldier, fighting a battle against the extinction of precious culture, as he recalled his days without food and shelter. We were in awe as he casually stated that he pursued his passion for filmmaking even in dangerous Naxalite territories! This was followed by an interactive section, where students guessed the 24 crafts of filmmaking.

Mr. Bharath then dropped a few pearls of wisdom. He emphasized the importance of passion- and emotion that takes over our body and mind- and how we must dedicate our lives in the pursuit of each of ours. He said with a smile that when he figured out his passion, he spent sleepless nights if the day passed without him being immersed in it. Those of us who have not discovered our passion yet widened our eyes with amazement. Those of us who have, on the other hand, beamed knowingly. Mr. Bharath went on to give us some insightful advice. He said, leaving skill aside, personality development is crucial. We must learn to be quiet, unbalanced observers to create artistically. Then, of course, he stated that no matter how many times we fail, perseverance is key. Related to this, he insisted that we always have a positive attitude to any process or outcome. This, after all, helps us grin and keep going! He told us that as artists, we must make sure that everything we work on or create should be for ourselves, coming from the heart and never without meaning. Never create explicitly for an audience. He also stressed the importance of niches in each of our lives. Niches are those corners filled with passion and interest, places where we never feel out of place, things that are crucial for our souls. Many students enthusiastically shared what their niches were. He mentioned that vibe and energy were also integral elements. We must surround ourselves with faithful and supportive friends and family. We must make sure that our atmosphere is never drained of confident and optimistic energy. He emphasized how important it was to filter out negative and de-motivational comments.

Mr. Bharath suggested that these lessons, which he learned during his journey, will apply to ours. Even though the session was filled with periods of intense philosophy, we realized the weight of his words. We logged out of this expert talk feeling inspired to live out our dreams and face the turns of life! Thank you, Mr. Bharath, we hope to see you again!

By- Aviendha Asati, Sub-Editor, CMR NPS

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