HP held its 22nd high school competition, CodeWars. Two teams of three each from the Grade 11 and 12 of CMRNPS participated in the competition. CodeWars is a computer programming event that HP introduced to test the high school students on their software knowledge and skills.

Our students geared up for the competition and headed to the HP campus. The students were given a tour of the huge and fancy office campus of HP. For the opening ceremony, the branch manager gave an introductory talk. Post the talk, the participants were given a pep talk and an introductory problem that was to be solved by everyone before the event.

The event lasted for 3 hours and participants were to solve 23 questions between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm. There were questions that were based on calculations and real-world problems. This forced creative thinking and problem-solving.

An example of a problem they were supposed to solve: a Roman General could carry only 1 man in a boat. There were 100 men. The first person had to kill the 2nd person and pass the sword on to the third person who would kill the 4th person and so on and so forth till the last man standing. Find the position of the last man standing. The programming language used by the 11th graders was java and the 12th  graders used python. The criteria to win was the number of questions you solved and the number of questions you solved correctly. 

After the main event, they were called in for the closing ceremony where they had a fun round of questions and answers. The MCs asked the students questions related to the history of HP and HP in general. Whoever answered the questions correctly were rewarded with power banks, pen drives, and HP accessories.

The winners were announced and CMR NPS stood amongst the top schools out of 100! Grade 12 students were applauded and recognised for their efforts. We are very proud of the students who participated in the CodeWars. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.  

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