Creativity is intelligence having fun. ” – Albert Einstein

Another day another wonderful expert talk. The students of grade 11,12 and the cinematography club were honored to have Mr. Bharat Kishore as the expert speaker of the day. Mr. Kishore is an award-winning filmmaker and choreographer. He has acted in two South Indian movies and played a lead role in one. He has won six awards till date, one of which is the prestigious awards for the Best Director Award in the Music Video Category at the DadaSaheb Phalke Film Festival. He was a Radio Jockey with Radio Mirchi, Video Jockey on Z Networks and an MC for IPL. He played a character in the Telugu version of the Hangover and has played roles in addition films for the Government. 

Currently, he’s working on a film called “Revival”. It is a documentary on learning dance forms that may go extinct. He was super excited to let the students of CMRNPS be a part of his film. Before he went on with his talk, he asked the students if they were any questions for him that he could answer before delving into the topic of the discussion. A student asked: ” Is there any deadline on creativity? ” and his answer was quick and short; “No. You can not put a time limit on creativity.”

He went on to explain the working of a Zero Budget Movie. A Zero Budget Movie is one where there are no funds put into the production of the movie. The Dogme 95 Rules, that were formulated by a bunch of directors in 1995 who wanted to make a film without any money. In ’05 zero-budget movies were scrapped because it was “too boring” and wasn’t “up to the mark”, but now we see that these movies are taking over the movie industry. The Dogme 95 Rules are:

  1.  No money is to be spent on props, sets, etc. 
  2. You shoot wherever you are
  3. Natural sounds
  4. The camera should be handheld
  5. Lighting should be natural
  6. Films must not contain superficial action
  7. Keep it real. 

He then made us do an activity to test our creative skills. He divided the crowd into groups of ten and assigned each group with a director, producer, and actors. They were to brainstorm on a storyline. Each group’s directors were supposed to come up and explain what their storyline is and why it is apt to shoot it in a school environment. Our creative students came up with beautiful ideas.

He truly served as a beacon of inspiration to our students interested in filmmaking. It was an honour having him at CMR NPS and talk to our students. We hope to see him in the future and possibly work with him on a few projects.


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