Representatives of Manya and Admissionado were the guest experts at CMRNPS who shared valuable information on prospects of studying and working in the USA. The students of class 11 and 12 had an engaging session and learned about applications process in colleges and career opportunities in the United States.

Ms. Athena Lao, a Harvard graduate and a representative of Manya was the expert speaker for the day. She spoke about the different ways through which we can make our applications stand out to the admissions committee of a university. Her unique and funny talk helped us, as students relate to what she tried conveying to us. 

Her analogies for various topics were beyond hilarious. She kept her speech very brief and short. She divided her talk into three parts:

  • Part one – Review and Pitfalls
  • Part two- What schools are looking for, and
  • Part three- Timelines and Game plan. 

She gave us tips on how to write an essay for a college application, how you could get into a university through their scholarship programs, etc. She told us how at Admissionado they will look into your skills and talents to bring out the best in you for your suited university. For example The 5-pointed Star. This star helps you identify your qualities:

  1. If you Seek Challenges
  2. If you Take Initiative
  3. If you Accept Risk
  4. Are you Intellectually Curious
  5. Resourceful.

Through these five categories you as a student can identify them and they can help you choose the university that suits your character. It was a very engaging session and she truly captivated the students’ attention.


Her speech has inspired the students to bring out the best potential in them and we are very grateful for Manya, Admissionado and Ms. Athena for coming to CMRNPS. We hope we get to interact with them in the near future. 

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