On January 22nd,2020, class IX students of CMRNPS had a field trip to Unibic Factory located in Huskur road. The visit aimed at exposing the students to the workings of a food factory and the food safety measures involved in the making of this well-known cookie brand. 

The ninety-plus group of students were accompanied by their respective class teachers for the trip. The trip was arranged by Crazy Holidays and coordinated by Mr. Partha. The students were divided into two groups and the in-charge class teachers ensured discipline. The group arrived at Unibic Factory around 10:30 AM.

The trip coordinator gave the students insights regarding the inside tour and the steps involved in the cookie making process. The students were given the hygiene instructions at this point. They were handed hairnets to prevent contamination.

Inside the Unibic factory, the factory appointed guide led the students and staff for a video introduction of the Unibic brand and the journey the fastest growing FMCG company has taken. The video showed the company’s journey, the range and variety the brand has achieved and the hygiene regulation it follows. This followed with a video on food regulation and hygiene protocols the factory has to follow. 

The students were then led to the baking unit after making sure that their hands were washed. The five units focus on the five stages of the process- mixing, molding, baking, cooling, and packing. The processing and protocols were explained along the way as the students moved from one unit to the other. 

After the unit visit, the students were given samples to try and had an option to buy more from the factory outlet. The students and respective class teachers were back on campus by 1:30 PM. 

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