We started our artistic trip to MAP (Museum of Art and Photography) Education center by leaving school at sharp 8:45 in a fun-filled bus journey. The bus journey lasted up to an hour and a half or so, and we reached our destination by 10:00 am. We all were warmly welcomed by the educators there. They told us to take our seats, while all of us were lost in our own world gazing around, amazed looking at the beautiful paintings, sculptures, and photographs kept there. We started our session by a short introduction given by the educator on the forms of art, followed by a worksheet, questioning our minds on what identity was. We then continued the session with a small activity which helped us know each other better, following another activity where we had to draw and write our favorite things in.

After that we had a brief interaction and walk through about all the artistic stuff displayed there, and how, many of them discouraged discrimination. We wrapped up the session with a self-portrait collage and another worksheet on identity. We all had a great time learning here



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