On 20th July 2019, students of grade 8 were taken on a field trip to the National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore. The gallery is set up in the premise of the Manikyavelu Mansion and was opened to the public in February 2009. Spread over an area of 3.5 acres, the gallery displays the art of renowned Indian artists. 

Our students’ visit to the gallery was a part of their Social Science curriculum. Before our students entered the gallery, they were briefed about the origin and the functioning of the gallery, by the Chief Curator and Assistant Curator. They were also informed about the ongoing exhibition called ‘Itihas’, an in-house curated exhibition. 

The students went around the gallery and were seen observing the various pieces of art, with great interest.  Some students seemed quite fascinated by the works of some famous artists and were seen making notes for future references. They also got opportunities to get some of their doubts clarified by the Assistant Curator, who patiently spoke about the paintings and the techniques used for making them. At the end of their visit, the students were given a worksheet in which they had to make note of a piece of art which impressed them the most. It was indeed a good way to spend an afternoon where the students got to know about some famous artists of India and also got an opportunity to see their works.

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