The needles of time carrying threads of individuality when intertwined together, hold us firmly as a person. The students of XII B presented a heartfelt assembly with the essence being – Habits of the heart!

“Four quarters of the soul embodied in the four chambers of our heart in the form of
Empathy, love, grit, and courage give us memories infinite.

With time, these grow up to be habits which complete us.
Habits, which stay with you even when the rest of the world shuts you out.
Habits, which splash the most vivid colors when you’re walking down a monochromatic road.
And habits, which somehow make us who we truly are.

Each first step was taken with the chin up followed by a thousand others.
And soon these baby steps become leaps as giant as the unfathomable emotions that caused their birth.
Steps to climb peaks high as the Divine time and to reach the epitome of their youth.

With every step, we build up these habits, bit by bit.
And with every fall these habits collect our shattered pieces, bit by bit.
With every tick on the clock,
Tables turn, bridges burn, we live and learn.

Years later when we only have a rusted armchair, a few shades of grey in the name of hair and a toothless smile.
When the dimples that once bordered our smiles of childhood unknowingly crease our cheeks with wrinkles so old and yet so young.

All of us shall wish to turn back time and embrace every act of grit and courage that echoes the glory in each gait of ours.
And all of us would want to go back and watch our first rendezvous with love and empathy which built us up from a scratch to a refined piece of art.

And all of us want to feel young again.
And all of us want to go back to where it started.
And someday when we reach the end, there will barely be any difference in the “oh! so wild heart of ours”

Because the habits of the heart can never leave its golden cage.

Mad heart, Be brave.”

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