The Wordoid Club (Bloggers Club) had its first expert talk on 29th June 2019. The speaker was Ms. Maanasa Manikandan, who has been an active blogger since the past few years. Ms. Manikandan is also an alumnus of CMRNPS. She was excited to come back to her school and address a group of young aspiring bloggers. The talk was indeed very informative and the speaker gave the students an overview to the world of blogging.


The students listened attentively, as she spoke about the first step that one needs to take to enter into the wide arena called blogging. She spoke about how the process of blogging begins just by deciding to blog. She urged the students to start writing without any inhibitions or fear of being judged. It was an interactive session where the students were asking questions and getting all their doubts clarified. The speaker also introduced the students to vblogging (Video Blogging). She shared a few websites addresses which could be helpful in starting a new blog. Overall it was a helpful session where the students got some important insights about blogging and also got an opportunity to interact with a young blogger. By the end of the session, our aspiring bloggers seemed quite eager to try their hand at blogging and give us some wonderful reads in the future.

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