In these tough times, our families have helped us get through them together and this thought has been portrayed by the pre-primary students in their assembly. 

The host Angad started us off with an introduction about the assembly and then we had Tharini takeover who sang a beautiful prayer to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Next up we had Pratyusha give us the weather report and tell us it was a bright and sunny day. Venya shared with us the thought of the day. 

Then we had Ishani sing a song about a family portraying a finger puppet of five members in a family and singing along with the puppetry. This was followed up by Ayush giving us a beautiful abbreviation of the word “FAMILY”. Then we had Ruthvik recite a poem based on the topic of the family about how much he loved his family and how they always guided him along the right path. This was followed up by a beautiful family tree made by Surabhi in which she had pictures of her family members and she spoke about them as well. Then we had with us Nisha and Tarak who told us about the different types of the family mainly consisting of the two types which are nuclear families and joint families. A nuclear family is a small family consisting of the father, mother, and child. A joint family on the contrary consists of the grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts and all the children as well. This was followed up by Samarth telling us a story about how a family helps everyone grow and teaches an individual the feeling of staying together. Then we had Rohini, Shreyan and Shreya portray a beautiful dance celebrating family all over the world.

 Swati ma’am congratulated all the children on a spectacular performance and thanked all the parents and teachers for their constant support and guiding all the tiny tots. Overall the event was a great success and we had our school counselor Anika ma’am take the stage and talk to all the parents about the times being tough but one must be patient and enjoy this time with their family, bond together, make memories and stay strong and we will definitely get by. Overall the event was a great success and a great start to all our days with important learning as well.

By: Param Panda 

Vice – Editorial Head

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