Sport is an essential part of our education system; it fosters the development of character, life skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork.  It teaches our students to know what it feels like to win and lose. It helps teach what life is. Recognizing this importance, we at CMRNPS conducted our Annual Sports Day for our Pre-primary team (an in-house event) on the 13th of December 2019.

 The spirit of a friendly competition came alive as our students participated in a wide range of sports events.  We had our sub-juniors participate in races such as ‘Give me Sunshine’, Pair me up and Fruit Picking. It was a treat to the eyes, to see the tiny tots’ line up the napkins in such perfection and clip them up with a smile on their face, just as they enjoyed every practice.

Our Junior teams learned the art of solving a problem by finding innovative ways of blowing the cups for the Huff and Puff race, it did not matter how fast one could run, it mattered the approach one opted to huff the cup to the end. 

We also had our teamwork, where the pairs quacked and croaked to reach the finishing line. Flipping cones and Stacking rings were some of the other races that our junior teams mastered, as they kept their inhuman speed focusing on the obstacles in front.

Events chosen for our seniors were fun, safe and challenging.  We had our seniors’ relay passing on a message of how ‘Waste should not be wasted’, balancing, teamwork games such as ‘Move The Tanker were some of the spectacular events of the day.

As always, there were ‘yeah!’ cheers by the winning teams, but not the slightest negative feeling from the other students.  Just getting to be there and participating in these events makes each of our little one’s winners and so crossing the line first was just a momentary extra icing on the cake.

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