Our sports stars from grade 9 to 12 welcomed the month by participating in the much awaited Inter House Volleyball and Football Tournaments. For both the games, selection rounds were held and 4 house teams were ready. While selecting Volleyball teams, 3 students of each grade were chosen to make it to the House team. 

The audience got to witness the clashing of the most competent players of all houses battle it out on the ground. 

The Volleyball matches were held on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. The first match was between Blue and Red house; the second match was between Greenhouse and Yellow house. Blue house and Greenhouse made it to the finals, which was held on Thursday. In a fierce match lasting almost 45 minutes, the trophy was bagged by Blue house who led the game by 27 points. 


On Friday, Football matches were also held for the four houses. The selection procedure for the Football matches was similar to that of the Volleyball matches. Grade 12 too participated in the Football tournament. After the House teams were the semi finals and the finals match took place from 1 to 3pm in our very own school grounds. finalised, the afternoon of Friday was spent in the heat of three exhilarating football matches. Two semi final matches took place before two competent teams made it to the finals. The first semi final took place between Blue house and Greenhouse, with the former emerging as the winner. The second semi final took place between Yellow and Red house with Yellow house being the winner of the match. These two houses faced each other in the final match. With all eyes on the ball, it was an invigorating afternoon for the audience too. After a tough match, Yellow house won the tournament with one more point than green. The final goal was scored by Devdut Menon, marking the end to an eventful week full of vigour and and sporting cheer. 


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