India is a young nation, yet 80% of its workforce is plagued with some form of mental wellness issues. Just the US economy loses 3 Billion Dollars every year on the same cause. According to WHO mental health is the largest cause of loss of human lives among non-communicable diseases.

Towards helping youth embrace mental wellness and be inspired to lead a positive life, Ayushi has started a campaign called #i4inspire, which aims to support NGOs to skill 100 mentally ill, raise awareness among 10000 School kids and inspire 100,000 people to lead a life of positivity.  Towards this, she has already raised funding of over ₹70000/-,  trained 60 kids and inspired over 10,000 as part of her campaign. The Billiards World Champion Mr Pankaj Adwani has been a support to her campaign.

She had undertaken this as part of a Future Leaders Program, conducted by 1M1B ,a not for profit organisation. Having been chosen as a finalist she had an opportunity to represent India at the Activate 1M1B summit and be among the top 5 winners in her category.

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