Meet and Greet Event

The school came to life when Grade 3 students started entering through the school gates on Mar 6th. Their cheerful smiles and hearty expressions made every teacher’s day today. It was fun to see how every teacher and even student were trying their best to figure out who is behind the masks. 

The students opened up their hearts to their teachers and they had endless things to talk about – how they spend their day after online classes, what games they play with their friends, how they badly wish that the school reopens soon etc. The teachers too had a great time listening to all of them. 

PE, PA, and VA teachers all had various activities planned for the students to pump them up and make them feel back to school again. The excitement and the energy levels were all high as the students participated in the obstacle course, Zumba dancing and even drawing beautiful cards for their favorite teachers, doctors, and corona warriors. 

Students and teachers alike observed social distancing. Right from entering the compound- temperature checks for students, parents, and teachers,  and sanitizers were in place.

A school is a school if it has teachers and students. Bricks and cement make buildings but the lifeline of a school is the teachers and the students. Today’s meet and greet event was a testimony to the fact. It all ended on a happy note with every child and teacher going homes with memories to cherish for a long time. 

By, Ms. Neha Kaushal , Teacher

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