Bangalore Literature Festival 2019

Saturday, November 9 th . It was a special day. I (Bhuvan Jeyaganesan, Grade 1,
CMR NPS) attended Bangalore Literature Festival along with my sister Nethra
(Montessori Sub-Junior, CMR NPS), grandma Kasthuri and mom Aruna. Below are
some of the sessions that I enjoyed in the festival:
 Heartfelt Story Encounters by Geeta Ramanujam
I listened to the narration of golden crane story. The story touched my
 Digging up the Past – Clues to Ancient Stories by Devika Cariappa
This was my most favorite session. I learnt how people dig a place, find
buried things and learn about the past from those things. I answered a lot
of questions.
 Lost and Found by Vinitha
I listened to the narration of a story of how a girl got a tortoise from
fisherman’s net and then put it back into the sea.
 Lola and Chacko by Bhagirathy
I enjoyed the action story of a girl Lola, her pet dog Chacko and a witch.
 Perform with Poetry by Jayalakshmi Vaidyanathan
I wrote and recited a spoken word poem about Mars Rover Curiosity.
 History Minus the Boring Bits by Kavitha Mandana
I learnt about the importance of history.
 Illustrate a Real Picture Book by Tanvi Bhat

I created and illustrated a small picture book based on ‘Chhotu and the Big
Wind’ story.
I got chance to meet many real book authors, many kids and also share my ideas
with them. I also got books from book stall there. My sister drew and colored
pictures in some sessions. Book author Rohini Nilekani gifted her a book.
The day was memorable. I want to attend this festival every year.

Aruna K


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