CMRNPS 2nd graders visited the beautiful farm-Enchanting acres on 18th Nov 2019.Little children had an amazing day at the farm, interacting with animals, feeding the birds, playing games and farm related activities, pony rides, gardening, and a whole lot of other things. 

First children took a tractor ride around the farm,wherein they saw different fruit bearing trees like chikku,fig ,plantain,guava ,mango,date palms,ragi crops,paddy fields etc.Children thoroughly enjoyed the ride and were curious to learn the names of different trees they saw around them. 

Next students got an opportunity to go on a pony ride,in the starting few were not ready to go ,but once conquered their fear,they asked for another ride! 

As the farm housed a variety of farm animals and birds ,students petted horses,cows,fed birds like guinea fowl,pigeons,saw emu birds,geese and goslings,turkey,chased ducks,etc.children loved the whole interaction with farm animals.

Then children explored the organic vegetable garden, it had green chillies,cowpeas,khol khol,mint,ginger,curry leaves,spinach,etc.they learnt how farm animal dung is used for fertilizing the vegetable garden to grow poison-free vegetables!Children next had a chance to pot a bean seed,which they were eager and happy to carry home!

Students did leaf printing with spray painting technique on greeting card and crafted few little pots with pottery master and carried their creations home ,to show to their loved ones.

Finally it was time to bid goodbye to the lovely farm that taught them to live harmoniously with nature and animals!!!

Children requested “Can we stay in the farm for a little more time!we love nature!”

It was indeed an enriching trip for the little minds!!!


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