The world and the greater universe has long been described as being tied together by five elements: Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and Space. Along with the physical properties, these elements can influence our personalities and deeper selves. We at CMRNPS Pre-primary block celebrated ‘Nature’s 5 Elements’ week. This week was introduced to make children aware of the 5 different elements in nature -The earth, sky ( space), air, water, fire). Each day was colour coded representing the element of the day.

 Day 1: We introduced the first element that is “Earth”. Children were dressed in green. We spoke about the earth. Students came up with different thoughts for the term “Earth”. Some connected Earth to trees, living things water bodies and building. Students went on a nature walk to observe the land around them and what it constitutes. They enjoyed the feel of the sand, stones and the little buggies that they identified.

Day 2: We introduced the second element “Sky”. Students were dressed in white and looked just as bright. We spoke about the sky and space. Children also spoke about the sky and the things they connected to space such as birds, clouds, stars, moon and the planets. We also had a small activity where students made clouds using cotton.

Day 3: We introduced the third element “Air”. Children were dressed in grey. We spoke about Air and its importance to us. Breathing was considered the most important need by every child. They also realized the importance of clean air and how not to pollute it. Children made colourful fans as a take away for this element.

Day 4: We introduced the fourth element “Water”. Students came dressed in blue. They had a group discussion during circle time to understand water and its necessities and how water plays a significant role in flora and fauna. Students also discussed the ways of using water cautiously. They put their thoughts together in their journals about how they considered water as an important element.

Day 5: We introduced the fourth element “Fire”. Students were dressed in different shades of fire (yellow, red or orange). How fire plays an important role in our lives and how to keep ourselves safe were the points of discussion on this topic.

The culmination of Nature and its five elements was done by the students through a small skit. Few students came forward and spoke about each of the elements as a recap for the whole week. We ended the session with an action song “Our nine planets”.


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