“Self-awareness is not self-centeredness, and spirituality is not narcissism.” This quote by Marianne Williamson was wonderfully brought to life in the class assembly conducted by class XII-A. The day began with a prayer to set the spiritual mood of the virtual meeting. The class teacher Rashmi ma’am gave an insightful speech on what self-awareness means and how one can incorporate it into daily student life. Rakshith Sharma, who was also the host for the event, made a visible impact with his talk, which was relatable to all the students present in the meeting.

A class assembly is not over without any visual performance and much to the audience’s delight, a skit was presented. The storyline followed a student whose talent in music lay dormant. He seems to be depressed because of bullying and bearing the fact that he is dead weight compared to what his peers can achieve. However, circumstances changed and so did his vision of himself. Upon being recognized as a brilliant pianist, he sought out to achieve things that he previously thought could never be done. The skit ended on a gentle note with his childhood bully realizing his fault and apologizing for it.

Overall, the event was positively received and some constructive criticism was provided. Knowing one’s worth and assessing their capabilities without under evaluating is the core of self-awareness. Self-awareness is a map on our hands, an essential tool when we meet the crossroads of decisions in life. Self-awareness is being mindful. Self-awareness is living in the moment. These were the major takeaways of the class assembly.

Report by: Pranav Sudhir Kashyap, Editorial Head

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