Being a person who loves to travel, I have always wanted to experience firsthand what it is like to work at a travel management company. This was one of my main objectives when I applied for an internship at Crazy Holidays. I was really happy when I was offered an internship there and I couldn’t wait for the summer holidays to begin. I knew that participating would help me learn new things and broaden my horizons.

My experience at Crazy Holidays was much better than I had imagined. My time at the spacious office in Hennur was packed with learning, and at the same time I got to meet many people. Everyone at crazy holidays did their best to make sure that I had a memorable time.
On my first day there, even though I was very nervous, I was mesmerized by the feel of the office, with numerous people working hard on their computers amidst posters and memoirs from various destinations. Even though only two of us who were there as interns, the employees never left us out. We were included in all group activities and discussions.

I learned a lot in the past few weeks. My tasks at crazy holidays were in varied departments, including marketing, data analysis, and advertising. I learned how to use integrated company resources, attract customers for tours, analyze booking data and craft well-designed advertisements.
Anna Ma’am was a great mentor. Even with her hectic schedule, she was ever patient and gave me clear, detailed instructions during the internship. She made time and ensured that I was able to learn and work seamlessly.
Some other people who really helped me were Reshmi Ma’am, Sebastian Sir and Nadeem Sir. Reshmi Ma’am taught me what I needed to know to use the company resources. Throughout the internship, she checked in on me and made sure that I was not facing any problems. She also helped point me in the right direction when I was making a mistake. Sebastian sir was in charge of all my tasks in the advertising department and he helped me understand how to create advertisements that would dazzle the customers. Nadeem Sir helped me in the telemarketing department and gave me good advice about my tasks.

My internship at Crazy Holidays taught me that the most important part of the hospitality industry is the warmth and care that one extends to their customers. This is why the people I met at Crazy Holidays do a good job of guided tours. They genuinely give a good experience to customers, which make them want to travel more. This sense of hospitality could be seen in everyone at Crazy Holidays.
These few weeks of 2019 impacted me greatly. Every day spent there was a new opportunity to learn. I thank everyone who extended this opportunity towards me.

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