Writing is an essential aspect both academically and professionally. Be it a student, a professional, or a researcher, the ability to express ideas effectively through writing tremendously affects the success of an individual. Some inherit a natural talent for writing, while others need to put effort and practice to write well. However, some tips and tricks can help one improve their writing and take their writing to the next level.

• Reading and analysing

Conscious reading opens up a vast multitude of genres and writing styles thereby helping one learn different techniques and approaches to shaping the writing style. Moreover, focusing on the way sentences are structured and the language employed, one can adopt them in their writing.

• Grammar and vocabulary

Writing is typically more formal and structured, hence working on grammar exercises greatly enhances one’s writing. There lies a difference between possessing a huge vocabulary and dropping bombastic words into writing just to show off. Unless one wishes to be metaphorical, it is suggestive to be more succinct and direct.

• Understanding the target audience

The most important strategy for effective writing is to consider and understand where one intends to reach through their writing. Identifying the target audience and attempting to comprehend their demands should always come before writing. One can then think about ways to modify their writing style and material to fit.

• Brainstorming ideas and creating an outline

Never start writing on a blank page, rather brainstorm ideas and create an outline. This enables one to speed up their writing thereby creating better content. Although it might seem like extra work, outlining before one begins writing, can help strengthen the content immensely.

• Strong opening

The first sentence of any writing is the first and at times the only chance to pique the reader’s interest. It is frequently beneficial to compose the body of an essay first, then go back and write or revise the opening.

• Practice writing on various topics

One can build a wide range of writing skills and increase their adaptability as a writer by experimenting with different writing genres and styles as well as writing about subjects they are unfamiliar with.

Effective communication is essential in every aspect of today’s fast-paced environment. Strong writing abilities help people make their points of view apparent to their intended audience. In reality, improving one’s writing abilities can help one advance professionally and positively impact society. In other words, the value of writing abilities cannot be exaggerated because they are essential for success in a variety of spheres of life.

Ms. Bhaswati Baruah
English Educator- Senior School
CMR National Public School

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