It always brings me in awe how we are built to be mosaics composed of parts of everyone. As though we’re the canvas everyone paints strokes on. And the way we perceive these strokes makes the art makes us. The art lies in the perception, not the colours themselves. Everyone perceives us in a certain, unique way that we can never change. And it certainly doesn’t mean they’re right, most of the time,  they don’t even get to see the whole picture. So what matters is the way we look at ourselves. 

Ground the perception of yourself with reality, and it’s okay if it is ugly. No one is born perfect, including yourself. Work towards what you want to be. Be just one per cent better than yesterday, and that will do significant magic. And there might be times when loss engulfs your soul, rips you apart, and leaves you with nothing but a void in your heart. But isn’t that how a new chapter starts? Your armour shatters, and your heart might long for an escape. But remember, this is not your end but a renaissance, never an end!

Embrace this moment before it passes by and whisper words of affection to this ‘self’ that has been through every trough, that has swam oceans with open wounds and still has the hunger to achieve more. Build a haven inside your heart by treating yourself like someone you’d take a bullet for, by validating yourself before comparing your life to that of somebody else, of whom you hardly know even the surface. Never neglect your well-being for someone. And remember, you’ve come here because you’re capable. You can weather any and every storm.

Dhyuthi Javalkar

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