The light chill in the air and the bright sunny day were a testimony for the much awaited sports day of CMR National Public School. On 26th November, 2019 NPS celebrated its Track and Field events with students participating from Grade VII to IX. The atmosphere in the school was charged with the enthusiasm and vigour of the students. Around 8.30 the students made their way to CMR University ground where the events were conducted.

     The students sat under the tents which were pitched. With intense energy the teachers also geared up for the allotted events. They took their positions and in no time the event was in full swing. The day had a lot of events lined up for its students. Beginning with Grade 7, 100 metres race for boys and girls followed by 8-9, the audience continued to applaud for their houses and friends. Following 100 metres race, 200 metres, 400 metres race commenced for both girls and boys. The track events were a great success; with students from various grades securing the first, second and the third position simultaneously.

    While the track events went on simultaneously the students had their field events, which were- shot put, discuss throw and standing broad jump. Girls and boys took part in it in equal numbers and showed their calibre and strength beyond the four walls of the classroom. The students were awarded first, second and third position for these events too. The last event for the day was the Relay race where the students again proved themselves on the track and showed exceptional team spirit and cooperation to make their respective House win. Though the day was nearing to an end yet the strength, determination and the never daunting spirit of our students was exceptionally commendable.  

-Ankita Hait


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