Wednesday the 27th November was yet another fun-filled day for Grade 4 and 5 students. They started the day listening to an informative talk by Mrs. Kavitha Krishna, a senior Geography teacher, who worked in Botswana and did her 5 year Masters in Wild Life Research.

She shed light on the students about African and Asian elephants. The session started with a few questions regarding the differences between African and Asian elephants. Many students enthusiastically participated and answered the questions.

When Mrs Kavitha shared her personal photos of working with elephants, the children were wonderstruck and were awed.

During the course of the talk, she informed students about the elephant family, their habitat, the purpose of elephants flapping their ears and using their trunk. She also informed them about poaching, elephant’s diet and the exploitation of ivory by humans.

Students were surprised to learn various facts such as ‘salt licks’, elephants evolving from small pig-like animals, empathetic skills and excellent memory skills.

The children listened attentively and took down notes throughout the session.

The take away of the session was to enlighten students to protect and preserve wildlife.



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