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It is the freedom to create and innovate. It is the key to imagination and creativity. It is not only expressing yourself but it is also understanding others, observing the world, and empathizing with others. This is what we learn in the Design Challenge Club. We learn to create our ideas into reality. And we do this with the help of the Design Thinking Process. The Design Thinking process consists of some steps that we should follow to come up with a solution that is convenient for others. Without using these steps I may never understand what a person wants and how I can help them as a Design Thinking Engineer. One of the main steps in this process is Ideate. Which is what I am going to talk about today.


What would be the world without ideas? That one spark which allows us to accomplish the impossible. Ideas can be crazy, silly, or meaningful, but no idea is a bad idea. As with the help of all ideas we have been able to build the smallest to complex things we use in our life. Which is what we learn in the Design Challenge Club. We are free to express our opinions and thoughts as we believe that no idea is a bad idea. But then how do we use the process of Ideation in the Design Thinking Process? And why do we need it? It is natural for a human to come up with solutions once he/she understands the problem. This is the role of ideate in the design thinking process.

This step allows us to brainstorm and come up with possible solutions for a complex or a simple problem. But for this step we first have to understand the problem thoroughly, that’s when we can come up with solutions. As it is already said, don’t be afraid to tell others about your idea, as no idea is a bad idea. Just try. Ask questions like, “Will this work?”, “How will it benefit the others?” And before coming up with creative solutions empathize. After empathizing try to come up with a solution, but while trying to come up with a solution look at the wide spectrum, “Can this be beneficial for others too, or is it only for a group of people?” This will allow you to come up with ideas that inspire. Understand the people you are trying to do this for. Look at their lifestyle and problems. And then come up with all your awesome ideas. After filling your creative ideas in the solutions bag, examine each of them, and choose the best of them. That’s it then you have come up with your final solution! This step just allowed you to come up with a solution for any complex problem.

So ideating is very important. Think if Thomas Alva Edison has created the light bulb without ideating? Would Alexander Graham Bell have come up with the telephone without ideating? No, as ideas are the base of innovation, so we as the future generation also cannot come up with a solution without ideating.

Avni Joshi
Grade 7    

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