Teachers are one of the most important people in our lives. They shape us into a better person and help us face the world. They nurture us and are pillars of support that help in building the foundations of our nation as we are the future of our country. They are like a second parent and teach us important values and lessons that help us overcome our obstacles and adversities in life. Especially during these perilous times, we must be extremely grateful to teachers because they are trying extra hard to make sure we can learn efficiently by spending more time and effort to make presentations and showing simulations.
It was a bright Monday morning when Ms. Fernandez, our class teacher, informed us that we would be doing our class assembly shortly. We were quite taken aback as the thought of an online class assembly was shocking. We couldn’t comprehend the thought of coordinating and putting up a successful show in a week – that too an online one! Our topic was “Teachers’ Day” and a draft or outline was already prepared by our class teacher. She then asked us how we would like to go about our assembly and present it. The ideas were just limitless and we were all suddenly excited about our class assembly.
So, we got to work on the assembly immediately. Our class teacher sacrificed her morning meetings and lunch clubs just to let us practice. It was amazing how we could finish small bits and pieces in those fifteen to thirty minutes. Then, we assigned roles to each person so that none were left out. After that, we were put into breakout rooms to discuss our parts and record the video for them. In contrast to a live class assembly, we had to record each of our parts separately and then combine it all into one video. At first, we faced quite a few problems with the coordination and timing as combining individual videos was a challenging task. Our honorable assistant, Vishal, combined all our parts and edited the video. Our class teacher, Mrs. Fernandez was very supportive and encouraging. She was there with us in every step and has kept encouraging us to do better.
Making an online assembly was a new experience which we will forever remember. We will never forget those quick zoom calls and meetings to brainstorm ideas and go about how we would tackle the different problems. It was a wonderful experience and very fun to work on. We were also grateful to have an open-minded class teacher who let us modify the script and make it better. She always supported our ideas and added her helpful inputs. The song team did an extremely good job of coordinating their parts perfectly. The students talk and the quiz had to be performed live, so that stirred a bit of worry as it had a chance of going wrong due to various internet issues. However, both went on perfectly as planned.
On the day of our assembly, we were so pleased to see a large turnout to witness our hard work and we are extremely happy to say that our assembly was successful. To conclude, it was a different but fun experience. However, the most important lesson we were able to take away from this experience was the lesson of team spirit and coordination. We were also able to form a closer bond with each other. We would like to extend our gratitude to our class teacher, all our teachers, and students for helping us make this class assembly a success.

Aparna SJ
Class 9D, CMRNPS

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