Visiting the Madras Engineer Group (MEG)

CMR National Public School had the privilege of visiting the Madras Engineer Group (MEG), informally known as the Madras Sappers on the 20th of November 2018. The Madras Sappers are an engineer group of the Indian Army. They draw their origin from the Madras Presidency Army of the British Raj and established their headquarters in Bangalore in the year 1979. They were engaged in many wars, such as World War 1, World War 2, Indo-Pak War, Kargil War and they have significantly contributed to many more battles with their combat and technical support. They have also brought back many honours and laurels to the country from their expeditions abroad and have been awarded many of the prestigious awards for their valour and bravery.

The students had a very informative excursion where they had the opportunity to visit the Madras Sappers museum and archives which proudly displayed memories from a glorious past. It preserved rare war images and paintings alongside weapons of significance. It highlighted the evolution of the regiment and preserved maps and other souvenirs brought in from their different expeditions in other countries. They have also brought honours and awards by excelling in Olympics and other games such as football, canoeing, hockey, boxing, etc.

The students visited their training grounds where they witnessed the soldiers in their training gear who crossed over hurdles with relative ease. Later, few students experienced the hands-on training session by the army trainers.

We also visited their weapon training nursery where they showed us their vigorous and strenuous training procedure wherein they had to cross over nineteen hurdles under fourteen minutes. They showed us around their firing grounds and the students witnessed the soldiers firing away at their target boards.

The Chief Engineering Complex was a museum that displayed the various models of mines, war camps, bridges and weapons that they use to defend as well as build relief camps during natural disasters and situations of emergency and war.

Few proactive students interviewed the officers who informed them about the various UN missions that they undertake to help countries under distress. They had gone on expeditions to countries like Ethiopia, Congo, Sudan, Burma, Palestine, etc.

At the end of the tour, all the students realized the importance of the army and acknowledged the fact that we are fortunate to have such brave and dedicated people protecting our country while we trust them with our lives.

Thank you CMR NPS & MEG for this wonderful opportunity! Jai Hind!

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