It was a splendid morning where the little tots of CMR NPS were all set to celebrate the Kannada Rajyotsava day. It was a day filled with colours of pride and happiness. Praneesha the host has so actively participated and made the event look brighter. 

Sabarivasan strengthened the day by sharing the thought “It is good to believe in success, but it is more important to learn from failure.”

Prisha spoke about the calendar facts. Siddharth shared the news report.

It was indeed a very beautiful sight to see the students sharing facts about Karnataka.

Karnataka is a state in South-West India. It was initially known as the state of Mysore, but in 1973, it was renamed Karnataka and is surrounded by Maharashtra to the North -West, and Goa to the West. Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka. Karnataka Rajyotsava or Kannada Rajyotsava or Kannada Day, also known as Karnataka Formation Day or Karnataka Day, is celebrated on 1 November of every year. This was the day in 1956 when all the Kannada language-speaking regions of South India were merged to form the state of Karnataka. 

Audrey spoke about greeting Kannada Rajyotsava in English

Jai “Karnataka Mathe” Kannadambe. 

Freedom in mind, Strength in words, pureness in our blood, Pride in our souls, Zeal in Our hearts, Let’s salute the spirit of Karnataka.

It is marked by the announcement and presentation of the honours list for Rajyotsava Awards by the Government of Karnataka, hoisting of the official Karnataka flag with an address from the Chief Minister and Governor of the state along with community festivals, orchestra, Kannada book releases, and concerts.

Rohini and Abid spoke about the importance of celebrating this festival.

In 1950, India became a republic, and different provinces were formed in the country based on the language spoken in the particular region and this gave birth to the state of Mysore including various places in south India, which were earlier ruled by the kings. Rajyotsava day is celebrated with great joy and vigour all over the state of Karnataka. The entire state wears a festive look on this day as the red and yellow Kannada flags are hoisted at different strategic locations across the state and the Kannada anthem (“Jaya Bharatha Jananiya Tanujate”) is chanted. 

The flag is hoisted at political party offices and several localities even as a youth in many areas take out processions on their vehicles. Religion not being a factor, the Rajyotsava is celebrated by Hindus, Muslims, and Christians as well.

Tia spoke about the beauty of Karnataka

The natural landscape of Karnataka adds beauty to the tourist spots. Karnataka is a captivating land rich in scenic beauty, flora, and fauna. It is called the city of Gardens because of its lush green patches and colourful blossoms all over the state. So here are the eight places that will take you through the state, its breathtaking nature, fascinating architecture, mind-boggling history, and development.

  • Bangalore
  • Mysore
  • Coorg
  • Chikmagalur
  • Gokarna
  • Dandeli
  • Pattadakal
  • Hampi

Nadahabba is the main festival celebrated in Karnataka. This festival is dedicated to Goddess Durga who is also known as Goddess Chamundi. Throughout the state, people enjoy with great glory and pomp.

Naina and Aahana added extra beauty to the show with their song and dance performances while Naina sang the song “Hacchevu Kannada deepa.” Aahana danced to the remix of “Idhe haadu, huttidare kannada nadalli huttabeku.”

Our pre-primary coordinator Mrs. Ansu Justus applauded the students for their effort and appreciated them for their dedication.

Finally, the “Karnataka anthem” was played with the crowd standing up and saluting our Karnataka flag.

Jai karnataka and Jai Kannadambe.

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