Diwali is a celebration and brings out lots of happiness and joy. Students of class 3D presented a class assembly on the topic: Celebrations of light. The students were enthusiastic and interested to perform the role that had been given to them. 

This class assembly was entirely planned, prioritized, and performed by students. Students started the preparations and plans of the order of class assembly from the month of October. The teacher and students came up with a seemingly good plan and so our plan went like this – first was a welcome address by Potta Lakshmi Ananya, followed by a prayer by Janya and then Ishita shared thoughts for the day on the topic itself, and news reading by Nishika. After this dance performance by Class Students. A puppet show performed by students was a hit and the Bhuvan created the crafts and performed it along with narrators. The last part was, showcasing the pictures of students celebrating Diwali and voting of thanks by Vishruth to end it.

In the creation of this class assembly, coordination and getting work done was a difficult task as it was the holiday season. And it was not always feasible with timings of zoom conferences, however, we did collaborate with a lot of effort and slowly but steadily we developed our content for the class assembly. The students learned to work as a team! All were very enthusiastic to contribute to the class assembly. 

The day before the class assembly, we were very skeptical of many factors – the duration of the class assembly, whether people were familiar and well-rehearsed with their parts or not, and whether the internet connection would be good or not for the next day. The teacher along with the students held an interim class assembly that evening, and the timing came perfect. But we were still uncertain and panicky that if the live presenters had connectivity issues, then we would need backups, and so we even prepared backups for the live parts and rehearsed along with them too. Hence we covered up almost every aspect of our class assembly, and to our relief, it came out very good! We performed virtually in front of almost 230 participants of CMR NPS on the 08th November. We received appreciation for all our efforts, and we felt good with ourselves too!

The students learned that we all need to have determination and grit, to reach our objectives.

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