Field trip – Enchanting Acres

The much-awaited 1st and 2nd-grade field trip to enchanting acres, Kanakapura was held on the 10th of august. The excitement in the air that morning was phenomenal. We left the campus on 2 buses at 8:30 am. The bus ride was super fun as the kids were dancing and having a jolly good time! 

We reached enchanting acres at 9:30. We were warmly welcomed by the staff as they showed us where to settle down before we got started with our activities. The kids quickly ate some snacks and were filled with energy to get started with the fun! 

Each class went for one activity. There was pottery making, pot planting, horse riding, leaf painting, tractor riding, and animal feeding. The potter helped each student to make a small pot, vase, pen stand, or pencil stand and gave it to us as a souvenir. There were 4 majestic horses and a pony. The kids loved the pony ride as it was something new to them. After that, they took us on a tractor ride on a very bumpy unfinished road, all through the bumpy ride we were happy giggles. After that, the kids went to feed some adorable animals and loved the up-close encounter with them. There were emu’s, ostriches, goats, cows, ponies, bulldogs, birds, ducks, and whatnot. The children learned about different animals and their behaviors, the food they eat, and how to take care of them. They also learned how to keep their surroundings clean and basic hygiene when they visit a different place.

Post these activists the kids were tired and needed a break. They sat down for a good lunch at around 12:30 and were energized right after! Immediately after, we went to the vegetable garden. They showed us a variety of plants that were planted – lady’s fingers, beans, watermelon, carrot, ginger, turmeric, and much more. The children then got a chance to pot their plants and they were educated about how to take care of them, they got to take the plants home as well. 

The property was well maintained and very clean. The staff was very friendly and hospitable. The children learned how to make pots, how to take care of a garden and its surroundings, how to plant a seed, names of different animals 

By the end of the afternoon the children were exhausted and extremely tired. We did one final head count and were ready to head back even though we weren’t ready to as the property was so beautiful. All the kids were fast asleep on our way back as they were exhausted! 

Overall it was a remarkable experience and an unforgettable one as it was the first-time post-Covid children went on a class trip and we were so well behaved. 

We’re very grateful to the school for organizing this and making sure it went smoothly. 

Anusha Umesh

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