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Field trips are a great way to spark curiosity and learn about the external world and also provide a chance to explore things beyond the boundaries of academics. On 26th August 2022, the students of grade 9 were taken to the GKVK(Gandhi Krishi Vigyana Kendra) campus for their field trip. The students were elated and discussed happily with their friends during the journey on the bus. 4 school buses full of excited, screaming students, who were carrying bags full of goodies were seen enjoying their snacks as soon as they boarded the bus. The bus reached the place by 9:30 am. A faculty member of GKVK college greeted us and took us to the food processing unit. It was huge and had around 5 machines. The faculty member explained the functioning of the machines. We saw a sub-baric grain storage bin, spray dryer, and Fluid Bed Dryer followed by Cold Storage Bin and Kitchen Tray Dryer. All of these machines were used to store grains, increase the shelf-life of the products, or dry powders and convert them into fine crystals. All the students were keenly listening and taking down notes to take back some important information home. Then, Students were divided into sections and in turns, they were taken to the soil and water engineering lab and other rooms where they saw a tractor and different farming hand tools. In the soil and water engineering lab, we saw different machines used to test the pressure of fluids and to test the soil. After all the sections observed the spectacular machinery, everyone boarded their respective buses and was taken to Mahatma Gandhi Botanical Garden. It was a very large garden covering an area of 65 acres. There were a variety of Trees there. We sat in the garden with our friends and had our lunch.

Finally, by 1:30, we were ready to head back to school. We expected many of them to fall asleep due to sheer exhaustion, but instead, they were as enthusiastic to go on another such trip. Some others were having their snacks and their means of entertainment. On the whole, the trip was not only fun-filled but proved to be educational as well.

Syed Aayan Muzamil

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