The normal course of life for all the children has taken a radical turn in this pandemic – from daily physical schooling to social interaction academically. However, this has paved us with another path of virtual weekly classes to cater to children academically.

Virtual classes have their own merits from my perspective. During our session, while giving an opportunity to each child, they are eager to express themselves stories and raise many questions. We notice their earnest participation from- giving me song suggestions or just telling me about their day to even attentively following our session. We love watching them share my passion for dance as we do it together. It connects us through music. The different school branches we come from or the age gap does not make a difference.

Also, While we give our students corrections via zoom, We notice their faces in anticipation to make amends for their mistakes and doubts. Nonetheless, there are moments when they are on mute for quite a while during the day. However, We have ensured that my club encourages them to speak out and express as much as possible. 

With all this experience and after every engaging class weekly, we all discuss our next session for the next day. We  truly feel proud to make a difference in this particular field for the children and look forward to continuing the same 


Ms. Akansha Arya

CMRNPS ( Teacher)

Posted by seniorccacoordinator

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