The name might seem quite fascinating but the club in real life is even more fascinating and interesting. The club deals in increasing problem-solving and mind-bending skills. My personal experience with this club has been very pleasant and delightful.

At first, I was very scared if I could cope up with others and reach their pace, but the teachers and new friends that I made there helped me out a lot. I slowly started liking the club as I could start solving problems very quickly with logic. This even reflected directly on my studies as I started doing better in math and science. I now have a fun time asking my parents riddles and showing them some surprising problem-solving tricks that I learned from this club. This keeps both me and my parents busy throughout the weekend. I wait every week for clubs desperately and even wish sometimes if it comes sooner.

Every Tuesday at 3 PM, I land into a world of interesting puzzles, riddles, and problems and it is very difficult for me to get out of this place. I am so fond of this club that I feel extremely guilty when I haven’t solved a problem and only let go of it once I have successfully solved it. I feel delighted to be a part of his club that deals with puzzles, riddles, and what, not fun things. This club is a place(virtual!!) that calms me, brings in more patience, and evokes a sense of pride and happiness in me every time I solve a problem.

Honestly speaking, through this club my brain has evolved a lot and my problem-solving skills and efficiency have increased rigorously. I am very proud to be a part of it.


Nandhini Thangaraj 

Grade 8 B, CMRNPS

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