With the aim of sensitizing the students on Decision Making, Class 4D presented the Class Assembly on 22nd September 2021. The assembly started with the prayer song seeking the blessings from the almighty for his love and protection followed by a refreshing thought for the day: “Attitude is a choice, Happiness is a choice, Optimism is a choice, Kindness is a choice, Giving is a choice, Respect is a choice, Whatever choice you make; makes you, so choose wisely”. Next in-line was sharing the latest happenings around the world which included sharing of the international, national, sports, and weather news.

The students’ talk was rendered on the need for making good decisions.

The students performed a thought-provoking presentation highlighting the importance of making decisions. A role-play was performed with a library scene on the choices that we come across each day and the struggles that we undergo to arrive at a decision. The audience were enriched with some simple steps to follow to make good decisions.

Insightful techniques on how and when to make decisions were shared with the audience. Heartfulness meditation was one such technique that was shared that helps us connect to our hearts and make good decisions. The students of 4D conveyed that when in doubt we must always refer to our heart. The heart will only signal what is right. This is the only choice, when we listen to our heart we will automatically do what is right. Our head thinks while our heart feels. Our hearts will give us the best and the right answers. Heartfulness meditation will help us to connect to our hearts.

A musical performance was presented inspiring the audience to make decisions from their hearts and being firm with the decisions made.

The teacher’s talk by Ms. Uveshna included an affirmation note to students of 4D for their efforts and also highlighted being thankful for the many opportunities that we have to make decisions, and being grateful to those who make decisions on our behalf like our parents, teachers, leaders and treat everyone with respect.

The assembly concluded with some words of wisdom, a piece of advice, and appreciation by our respected Primary wing Academic Coordinator Ms. Suma Mohan and CCA Coordinator Ms. Swapna.

– By Uveshna R, Math facilitator – Primary Wing

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