With the explosion of advances in technology in the past century, the world we live in and work in is changing at a rapid pace. An important part of education has always been to help children understand the world and find their place in it. In this, a school plays an important role in preparing children to fare well on a global platform. Schools provide practical support to help foster effective dialogue, empathy, and understanding amongst children. Not only do these skills prepare them for work and life beyond school, but they allow them to successfully navigate the difficult conversations and differences they will encounter in a multicultural world.

Students should be given ample opportunities to connect with their peers from around the world and should be able to learn from different cultures. Appropriate tools must be used to make these connections, including virtual classrooms and safe, monitored online environments. This process allows students to learn skills and gain the experience they need to navigate diversity in a peaceful way. Schools should expose students to valuable skills such as perseverance, responsibility, and social skills.

To foster the skills needed to become a global citizen, we should develop the skills through collaborative and group-discussions on empathy, cultural appreciation, ethnic and gender identities, and general knowledge of current world affairs and challenges, in a structured way.

Students need to work as a team. They need to understand how to communicate, compromise, and share credit so that they can contribute valuably in projects. Students should be prepared for critical thinking skills and how to engage in meaningful discussion. Students should be made to learn the skills they need to express themselves in a respectful and open-minded way.

Students should be encouraged to learn the materials and also they should be aware of where it will take them in the future. School is a stepping stone to their goals. Students require innovation, creativity, and the ability to look at the task not only in a way to see the outcome, but also imagine different ways to achieve it. They should be prepared to learn from their mistakes effectively. They should be ready to accept all the challenges in the path of their success.


Ms.Richa, CMRNPS Teacher

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