Brain benders are one of the many online clubs in CMR National public school. The name of the club says it all, Brain benders as in logically thinking and using our brain to solve puzzles and tricky questions. This club takes place every Tuesday just like the other online clubs for an hour where all the students have a very nice and fun time-solving puzzle and discussing them with the whole club. Each session the teachers prepare new puzzles and questions for the students to solve and everyone in the club gains new knowledge and facts about puzzles around the world.

In the past few club sessions, the students learned a lot of new puzzles and solved various questions that really exercised their brains. The first session of the club was an introductory session where the students got to know more about what the club is and what they will be doing in the club. They also solved a few basic logic puzzles to give their brain an exercise. In the next few sessions, they made their own puzzles like a tangram and made a lot of patterns using it. A tangram is a Japanese geometrical puzzle made up of a square that is cut into shapes to make more shapes or patterns. As each session continued more puzzles and hard/tricky questions became easier to solve. Each session the questions became harder and tricker but with the help of the whole club, solving them and understanding them became easier. Questions like finding who lied or finding out who won or puzzles that require math became easier to solve. As a member of this club, I really like it. This club has helped me get interested in solving logical puzzles and questions and makes it easier to solve them as well. I hope that I learn a lot more from this club and I am looking forward to spending time with the teachers and the members of the club.


Akshata. T


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